Toward a Sustained Operational River-to-Shelf Observation & Prediction System for the Amazon

Durée : 2013 - 2013
Programme : Pan American Advanced Studies Institute (PASI), National Science Fondation, USA
Portée : Internationale

The workshop is intended to produce the following outcomes: 1. Inform U.S. participants – primarily senior-level graduate students – of the unique physical oceanographic, hydrodynamic, sediment transport, and coastal sedimentation affecting ecosystems characteristics of the Amazon fluvial-coastshelf region. 2. Build working relationships between the region’s scientists and engineers and their U.S. counterparts, as well as among scientists working in various disciplines, including, Hydrodynamics and sediment transport, Geology and coastal geomorphology, Ocean observing systems, Ocean modeling and forecasting systems, The Amazon coastline, including Mangrove ecosystems, Ocean engineering, Ocean and weather sensor development and operation. 3. Lay the groundwork for sustained scientific exchange among the faculty and students of the participating U.S. and Latin American universities and organizations.Recent bilateral discussions between the U.S. and Brazil have identified study of the Amazon as topic that will be pursued aggressively over the coming years. The proposed PASI is currently being worked into the investment agendas by ONR and NOAA for example, by establishing expertise and collaboration with advanced students (future faculty) and current faculty with whom the U.S. will be working. The topics for this workshop were in fact selected by Brazilian and US researchers as representing specific and desired areas of collaboration. Further, the strength of this collaboration will be expanded to involve other LatinAmerican researchers and students of tropical river ecosystems, particularly in French Guiana. Researchers there have standing collaborations with Brazilian universities, particularly focused on the sediment plumes that leave the Amazon and feed mangrove forests across the northern South American coastline.


  • Université Fédérale Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro (Brésil)
  • Universiyé de São Paulo (Brésil)
  • Université Fédérale du Para (Brésil)
  • Université de Washington (USA)