Mangrove Living Lab in French Guiana

Durée : 2023 - 2027
Programme : ANR
Portée : Internationale

MAGELLAN is a Living Lab project supported by the ANR “SOLU-BIOD” PEPR programme. SOLU-BIOD is designed to work on “Biodiversity and nature-based solutions (NbS) in order to innovate with nature for positive impacts on biodiversity, society and economy”. It integrates different research actions to address the scientific challenges of NbS through strong inter- and transdisciplinary consortia, well anchored in local territories. One of these research actions is the Living Labs approach. MAGELLAN has been pre-identified by the SOLU-BIOD Steering Committee (top-down approach) and now we need to work together, scientists, local managers, decision makers, NGOs, to develop a (bottom-up) research-action proposal for the next four years.