Séminaire AMAP - Questionnements scientifiques

Feedbacks between vegetation and geomorphic dynamics in land-water interface ecosystems

21/03/2023 de 11h00 à 12h00PS 2 salle 201

Land-water interface ecosystems are highly relevant models for estimating the resistance and resilience capacities of ecosystems in relation to physical disturbance regimes and environmental changes. Existing hydroecological models have been developed with a strict focus on the effect of heterogeneity and variability of hydrogeomorphic processes and habitat conditions on community structure and function. However, vegetation exerts a long-lasting action on the structure and functioning of the ecosystem via a marked control on matter (water, sediment, organic matter and nutrients) and energy fluxes. The action of plants generally results in the storage of matter and local improvement in the quality of the habitat. In turn, this improvement in habitat conditions, coupled with biotically controlled landform construction, promotes plant stability and growth toward sexual and ecological maturity.