Séminaire AMAP - Résultats & Programmes

Dissecting woody stems: what can wood anatomy disclose about tree functions and ecological strategies?

20/05/2021 de 11h00 à 12h00Webinaire

I have recently joined AMAP and during this seminar, I would like to introduce myself and present an overview of my past research as well as research I am planning to carry out at AMAP. First, I will describe how wood anatomy determines wood density and discuss potential functional meaning of wood density, as seen through the lens of wood anatomy. Second, I will talk about stem water storage and its structural underpinnings. Third, I will present my most recent results on wood anatomical responses to a major hurricane. And finally, I will introduce my current project called “treeMAAP”, which aims to integrate tree architecture, wood anatomy and physiology, to better understand tree structural diversity and its functional implications.

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