Experimentation teams


The Experimentations team (5 persons) provide operational support for the experimental, logistical and observational tasks for all research projects at AMAP:

A team that manages:

  • Management of laboratory space and technical facilities (plant anatomy and biomechanics lab, living and fossil collectionas and materials; "hornet" lab: behavioral tests on insects) : user management, planning, supplies, etc.
  • Scientific instrumentation and technical equipment (in Montpellier): ordering and acquisition (technical comparisons and pricing, call for tenders), commissioning, maintenance, verification, metrology, calibration.
  • Experimental protocols implemented in the field or in the lab.
  • Organisation of working space: management of hazardous products/tasks and verification of personal protective equipment, management of samples and management of special waste.

The team provide:

  • The management of operational lab/field sitesThe management of operational lab/field sites
  • The design and construction of specific equipment and devices.
  • The preparation and pre-treatment of anatomical and paleobotanical sections.
  • Behavioural tests of the Asian Hornet
  • The installation of tensiometric probes in mountain areas
  • Wood coring in tropical forests
  • Dendrochronology study of wood samples.
  • LIDAR data acquisition and pre-processing
  • Tree climbing
  • Etc.

The team is available for::

  • The supervision and support of trainees and students for the use of equipment and the conduct of experimental/analytical/observational protocols.
  • The loan of equipment, and support for their use.

Team Members

Stéphane FOURTIER (INRAE): Team leader, in charge of sensors and instrumentation, lab quality manager and prevention assistance.
Merlin RAMEL (INRAE): Field assistant specialised in taking samples from roots to tree tops (climber/sampling/measurement). At the team isspecialises in the treatment of terrestrial LiDAR point clouds and the production of fossil thin-sections
Sophie NOURISSIER-MOUNTOU (CIRAD): Field assistant. At the lab, specialised in the treatment of terrestrial LiDAR point clouds.
Chantal GENIEZ (IRD): Assistant for the anatomy/biomechanics lab. Experienced in field missions in tropica
Quentin LE BLAYE (INRAE): Supporting assistant for the technical and logistic aspects of projects (truck and boat permits), warehouseman; Certiphyto certified.