Other partnerships

LAMAP develops its projects within the framework of partnerships and collaborations with external research teams, particularly in developing countries, with non-academic or private partners..

Institutional partnerships in developing countries

  International joint laboratories DYCOFAC : "Dynamics of continental ecosystems in Central Africa in the context of global change" – Central Africa
  Laboratoire Mixte International BIO-INCA : "Biodiversity and sustainable agriculture in the tropical Andes" – South América
  Pôle de Compétence en Partenariat SAF : "Agroforestry" – Cameroon
  Réseau de Recherche R2FAC : "Central african forests " – Central Africa
  GIS IRISTA : "Initiative for Interdisciplinary Research on Amazonian Systems and Territories" – French Guiana
  CRESICA : "Consortium for the research, higher education and innovation in New Caledonia" – New Caledonia
  Young team associated with IRD CubHypER : " "Cuban hyperaccumulators for ecology restoration"" – Cuba

Private partnerships

 PT Smart Tbk – Indonesia – PalmStudio project (growth modeling of Oil Palm trees)
 Berger Levrault – France – Urban Tree II project (help to tree diagnosis via images)
 Ubisoft – France – AMPLI project (imagery, AI and procedural modeling
 Valhorhiz – France – TALVEG 2 project (site restoration and development)
 Groupe PILAR – Argentina – Imagery for weed detection
 PalmELit SAS – France – ELAPALM project (Plants - pollinators interactions)
 Nachtigal Hydro Power Company – Cameroon – CartoNHPC project (landuse mapping)
 Lewa House Pimbi Ltd – Kenya – Mobile apps for plant identification
 Bionatics SA – France – SLandscape simulation
 Explorama – France – BioDiv Go project (Mobile apps for plant identification)
 CLS (Collecte Localisation Satellites) – France – INDESO project (remote sensing of coastal forests in Indonesia)