Geographical locations

Permanent locations Expatriate staff

France (Main location)

AMAP Lab - Montpellier

French Guiana (Secondary location)

Cayenne Herbarium - Cayenne

New Caledonia (Secondary location)

Nouméa Herbarium - Nouméa


LMI DYCOFAC (Dynamics of the continental ecosystems of Central Africa in the context of global changes) - Yaoundé

French Guiana

UMR ECOFOG - Agronomy Campus- Kourou


ICRAF - Nairobi

Reunion Island

Pole of plant protection (3P)– Saint-Pierre

New Caledonia

IRD Center - Nouméa

Main worksites

  • Metropolitan France (Alps, Pyrenees, Mediterranean area)
  • Guiana Plateau (French Guiana, Suriname, Brazilian State of Amapa)
  • Andes and Amazonia (Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil)
  • Central Africa (Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, DRC)
  • East Africa and Indian Ocean (Kenya, Reunion Island)
  • West Africa (Senegal, Ivory Coast)
  • North Africa (Morocco, Algeria)
  • South Africa
  • Middle East (Syria, Iran, Iraq)
  • South Asia (India, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam)
  • China
  • Oceanic Islands (New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Hawaii)
  • Australia
  • Antarctica