POLIS : Scientific Computing

POLIS is a service in charge of managing material and human resources for scientific computing. It is composed of: a developers' office (AMAP-DEV) which defines and prioritises needs in terms of software development (excluding Capsis and Pl@ntNet platforms); a scientific data management group (AMAP-DATA) in charge of organising digital scientifc data produced by the lab activitiy (data management plan, storage, archiving and dissemination of scientific data); a geographic information system (AMAP-SIG) dedicated to the management of remote sensing data and the cartographic products derived from research activities; and a high-performance computing support (AMAP-HPC). Philippe Verley (IRD Research Engineer) is in charge of POLIS. Strategic choices and major decisions are taken by a steering committee that includes the management team and heads of the 3 main scientifc lines (Axes).

AMAP-DEV - Developpers’ office ()

Contact: Philippe VERLEY (IRD)

Contributors: Antoine AFFOUARD (INRIA) - François DE COLIGNY (INRAE) - Frédéric THEVENY (CIRAD) - Mathias CHOUET (INRIA) - Thomas ARSOUZE (CIRAD)

AMAP-DATA - Scientific data management

Contact: Jérôme PEREZ (IRD)

Contributors: Yannick BROHARD (CNRS) - Gaëlle VIENNOIS (CNRS) - Julien ENGEL (IRD) - Raphaël PELISSIER (IRD) - Philippe VERLEY (IRD)

AMAP-SIG - Geographic Information System

Contact: Gaëlle VIENNOIS (CNRS)

AMAP-HPC - High Performance Computing

Contact: Thomas ARSOUZE (CIRAD)

Contributor: Philippe VERLEY (IRD)Philippe VERLEY (IRD)- Louise BROUSSEAU (IRD)