Genomics of adaptation in Amazonian ecosystem

Duration : 2012 - 2015
Research program : LabEx CEBA
Geographic extension : National
Adaptive processes
Genomic and evolutionary processes
Selective pressure

The goal of this project is to provide evidence of the genomic effects of adaptive processes in Amazonian ecosystems. The project will address this question in seven biological models in which it is possible to observe disruptive and/or directional selection, and will make use of up-to-date sequencing techniques, statistical analyses and modeling tools to describe and interpret such processes in the light of the processes driving biodiversity patterns. All the case studies will undergo the same kinds of analyses, so that general results will be obtained in spite (and maybe, due to) the diversity of biological models and ecological processes addressed here. Novel modeling tools will be proposed to link genotype, environment, ontogeny, phenotype and fitness in natural populations. This new development, if proven to be reliable, will pave the way towards the generalization of genomic methods to the study of the ecological genetics of natural ecosystems. The proposed project will have the side effect of fostering the emergence of a coherent ecological-evolutionary genetic community centred on the study of biodiversity-generating processes in tropical ecosystems.


  • UMR EcoFoG
  • Institut Pasteur de la Guyane