Offre N° : PRS-21-309

Modelling plant-available soil water in Amazonia

Type d'accueil : Post-doc
Lieu d'accueil : The post-doc will be based in Montpellier, France, within the Forêts & Sociétés lab (, on Campus de Baillarguet (access from Montpellier city center by buses), with regular visits to AMAP lab (
Période d'accueil : from 12 to 17 months depending on the post-doc experience    Durée d'accueil : starting date in February 2022.
Profil recherché : PhD in ecology, sol sciences or environmental sciences.
Laboratoire d'accueil :
UMR CIRAD-CNRS (5120)-INRA (931)-IRD (123)- Université Montpellier, "botAnique et Modélisation de l'Archtecture des Plantes et des végétations"

Descriptif détaillé de l'offre :

Objet de l'offre :
We are offering a post-doc position on modelling plant-available soil water in Amazonia, see document attached for description and details.

Détail de l'offre
Connaissances requises
The candidate should have the following qualifications:
- General knowledge in ecology.
- Knowledge of tropical soils.
- Willingness to use modelling and data analysis approaches.
- Familiarity with R and expertise in statistical analyses.
- Experience in machine learning approaches.
- Experience in using a software of spatial analysis (R, GRASS, QGIS).
- Excellent written skills in English.