Offre N° : PRS-21-294

Modeling leaf area dynamics in tropical canopies from high-density UAV lidar

Mots clefs :
Bayesian modelling
Convolutionnal Neural Networks
Tropical forest ecology
Carbon fluxes
Climate vegetation interactions

Type d'accueil : These
Lieu d'accueil : Montpellier & Grenoble
Période d'accueil : October 2021 - September 2024    Durée d'accueil : 3 years
Profil recherché : Highly motivated student holding an MSc degree in statistics, applied statistics, data analysis, or modelling.
Laboratoire d'accueil :
UMR CIRAD-CNRS (5120)-INRA (931)-IRD (123)- Université Montpellier, "botAnique et Modélisation de l'Archtecture des Plantes et des végétations"

Descriptif détaillé de l'offre :

Objet de l'offre :
Leverage advanced statistical methods to produce accurate times series maps of Leaf Area Index from airborne lidar scanning. Analyze co-located gas exchange measurements between forest and atmosphere in light of the newly obtained LAI time-series.

Détail de l'offre
Connaissances requises
Genuine interest in ecology and environmental sciences
Occasional sojourn in the forest (helping with data collection campaigns) encouraged
Good level of written and spoken English or French