Biodiversa+ Pilot on invasive species

Biodiversa+ Pilot on Monitoring invasive alien species

Duration : 2023 - 2024
Research program : European Biodiversity Partnership
Geographic extension : International

Invasive species
Species detection
Deep learning
Early warning system
Automated analysis

In early January 2023, Biodiversa+ started a new biodiversity monitoring pilot, with 20 Biodiversa+ partners involved (from 17 countries), focusing on three topics:

  • Monitoring of invasive alien species
  • Soil biodiversity in protected, near-natural forests
  • Towards national biodiversity monitoring coordination centres: comparison of governance, data interoperability and standards.

In the context of the pilot on Monitoring invasive alien species, we aim to deliver new ways of monitoring species. For this purpose, we conduct research on the development of Image recognitions using computer vision and deep learning models for cost efficient and rapid detection of species of concern.


  • Inria
  • Aarhus
  • Biodiversa network