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A data bank on architecture and morphology

The tree shape crown, the competition effect within trees, the tree reproductive potential, all depend on genetic capabilities as environmental conditions. So how to appreciate a tree as a good phenotype ? How to estimate the capacity of growth, the branching efficiency, so wood quality characteristics ? Experimental or natural plots can be assessed to intensive measurements in order to determine annual height and diameter increments. In the same way, global stem analysis provides useful information on branching and diameter increments. But annual limits of growth are not always easy to define. In species as black pine, whorl of branches gives automatically limits of annual shoots, but in Aleppo pine or cedars, an annual shoot can bear more than one tier of branches and so delimiting annual growth is ambiguous. So the aim of this CD-Rom is to provide foresters or students some morphological keys of tree development.

Supported by CEE Project FAIR CT95-0097
"Adaptation and selection of Mediterranean Pinus and Cedrus for sustainable afforestation of marginal lands"


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