Influence of root-soil mechanical interaction on the variability of root architecture (RoSoM)

Programme : Agropolis Fondation - Open Science
Durée : 2013 - 2016

Mots clés

Root growth plasticity, Rhizoscope phenotyping plateform, Root biomechanics, Granular material, Ballotini, Discrete Element Modelling, Palm trees, Eucalyptus, Peas, Rice


1- Understanding the mechanical feedback between growing roots and a deformable granular substrate… Soil resistance to penetration is a major component that can significantly affect root growth and crop yield. The impact of soil properties on root growth have been largely studied at the root, plant and crop scales, mainly reducing soil properties to a single input variable representing soil impedance. However the mechanical feedback between growing roots and a deformable soil, is still largely unknown. The underlying questions are how the grains are reorganizing under the action of growing roots, and in return how the resulting forces acting on the growing root tips modify its development, including root elongation rate and ramification.
2- … through a transformative interdisciplinary approach based on physics of granular materials The approach developped in this study is based on the physics of granular materials that allows better understanding and quantifying the mechanics of root growth at both the grain-root and granular medium-root system scales.


  • Montpellier: UMR AMAP, UMR LMGC, UMR AGAP, UMR Eco&Sol, UMR IATE
  • Dundee, UK: The James Hutton Institute

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