Modélisation et asservissement d'un système agrivoltaïque à panneaux mobiles (AVstudio)

Programme : Private contract with SUN
Durée : 2014 - 2016

Mots clés

Photovoltaic, Agrivoltaic, Solar tracking, Light interception, intercropping


AVstudio (abbreviation of AgriVoltaic'Studio) is a project funded by SUN'R ( with the aim to optimize agrivoltaic schemes combining photovoltaic panels and food crops. The project deals with various topics concerning the spatial distribution of light under the PV structure, the photoelectric generation and the PV panels tracking for adjusting the light partitioning between the panels and the underlying crops. The project was started on Feb. 2014 and is carried on with the ultimate aim to obtain the best trade-off between energy generation and crop production.



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