Offres d'accueil

Offre N° : PRS-19-278

Tropical forest ecology and remote sensing

Type d'accueil : Post-doc
Lieu d'accueil : AMAP Lab, Montpellier, France
Période d'accueil : 1/12/2019    Durée d'accueil : 1 + 1 year
Profil recherché : We are seeking a post-doctoral researcher (PhD required) in ecology, with a background in remote sensing, or a researcher in remote sensing, with a background on forest systems.
Laboratoire d'accueil :
UMR CIRAD-CNRS (5120)-INRA (931)-IRD (123)- Université Montpellier, "botAnique et Modélisation de l'Archtecture des Plantes et des végétations"

Descriptif détaillé de l'offre :

Objet de l'offre :
The AMAP lab (Montpellier, France) is seeking to appoint a post-doctoral researcher to work on the spatio-temporal dynamics of Marantaceae forest, a presumably stable state of degraded forest in central Africa.

See details in the attached document

Détail de l'offre

Connaissances requises :

The postdoc should have strong data analysis skills (particularly in spatial analyses) and must be fluent in an interpreted language (preferentially R). Good writing skills in english and publication records are required. The candidate must be able to work in a collaborative way.