Offres d'accueil

Offre N° : PRS-19-177

Role of biodiversity on tropical forest response to climate and anthropogenic disturbance

Mots clefs : plant ecology, community dynamics, tropical forests, functional traits, climate change, anthropogenic disturbance

Type d'accueil : These
Lieu d'accueil : UMR AMAP, Montpellier and UMR ECOFOG, Kourou
Période d'accueil : fall 2019    Durée d'accueil : 3 years
Profil recherché : - MSc degree in biology, ecology or statistics and modelling
Laboratoire d'accueil :
UMR CIRAD-CNRS(5120)-INRA(931)-IRD(123)-Université Montpellier,"botAnique et Modélisation de l'Archtecture des Plantes et des végétations"

Descriptif détaillé de l'offre :
Objet de l'offre :
The overall objective is to develop and validate an innovative spatially-explicit modelling approach of tropical tree response to combined effects of biotic interactions with their neighbors and their abiotic environment (climate and disturbance). The model will integrate species functional traits and phylogenetic relationships to study their role in (i) intrinsic species performance (growth, mortality), (ii) response to abiotic environment (climate and disturbance) and (iii) response to neighborhood interactions. See attached PDF for more details.
Détail de l'offreDoc_5c753a6620ef5.pdf

Publications de l'équipe en rapport avec le sujet :Fortunel, C. et al. (2018) Topography and neighborhood crowding can interact to shape species growth and distribution in a diverse Amazonian forest. Ecology 99, 2272–2283

Fortunel, C. et al. (2016) Functional trait differences influence neighbourhood interactions in a hyperdiverse Amazonian forest. Ecol. Lett. 19, 1062–1070

Fortunel, C. et al. (2012) Leaf, stem and root tissue strategies across 758 Neotropical tree species. Funct. Ecol. 26, 1153–1161

Connaissances requises :

- Strong quantitative skills in analyzing large datasets with R
- Strong writing skills
- Good level of written and spoken English, a working level in French is also desirable

Qualités recherchées :

- High motivation, autonomy and rigor
- Interest for/experience in tropical forests

Commentaires complémentaires :

We have secured half of the PhD candidate salary through CIRAD funding. The selected candidate will work with the supervision team to apply for funding for the other half during the first semester of 2019.