Offres d'accueil

Offre N° : PRS-19-176

Mapping tropical forest diversity from multi- and hyper-spectral imagery

Mots clefs : remote sensing, signal analysis, diversity modeling, spatial pattern analysis, French Guiana, neotropical forest

Type d'accueil : These
Lieu d'accueil : UMR AMAP, Montpellier
Période d'accueil : 1/10/2019    Durée d'accueil : 3 ans
Laboratoire d'accueil :
UMR CIRAD-CNRS(5120)-INRA(931)-IRD(123)-Université Montpellier,"botAnique et Modélisation de l'Archtecture des Plantes et des végétations"

Descriptif détaillé de l'offre :
Objet de l'offre :
The main objective of the proposed research project is to explore the relationships between spectral diversity and biological diversity (both taxonomic and functional) in neotropical forests and its sensitivity to spectral and spatial resolution to help clarifying the relevance and scope of a future hyperspectral satellite mission foreshadowing an observation system to monitor changes in forest biodiversity. See the attached pdf for more details.
Détail de l'offreTheseCNES2019_RP.pdf

Connaissances requises :

We are seeking for an enthusiastic candidate with skills either in biological system modelling, biostatistics, data analysis, remote sensing, signal analysis with a strong interest in ecology; or in ecology, forestry, agronomy with stong background in numerical analysis.

Commentaires complémentaires :

Interested candidates can contact supervisors for more information. However, the project is co-funded by CNES, they need to apply online before 1/04/2019 at