Information & Communications Service

About Us

The Information & Communications service provides interdisciplinary support to AMAP researchers and members. The service's mandate is to:

  •  Design and implement interactive databases and multimedia websites,
  •  Collect, conserve and disseminate knowledge acquired by AMAP members,
  •  Assist researchers, trainees and students in specific searches for documents,
  •  Provide internal IT help desk support to researchers,
  •  Manage AMAP's IT equipment and make sure the information system is secure,
  •  Organise and manage AMAP’s internal and external communications.


The objectives of the Information & Communications service are to:

  •  Increase the internal and external visibility of AMAP activities by posting relevant information online,
  •  Promote AMAP’s output and share scientific culture by creating websites and interactive databases,
  •  Improve AMAP’s external and internal communications.