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Herbarium of French Guiana : 50 years of passion in the service of the Guyana Botanical

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The hemi-epiphytes: a life from heaven to earth

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Cartoon presented at the thesis defense Juliana Prosperi: « Biologie du développement des hémi-épiphytes ligneux ». 1998. Ecole Doctorale : Biologie des systèmes intégrés. Université Montpellier II.

Tropical Fig Trees & Pollinators – Symbiotic Relationships

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Written by: Georges MICHALOUD. Directed by: Alain DEVEZ. Produced by the Scientific Research Film Service (SFRS) Vanves, Paris
Summary: This documentary analyses the biology of symbiosis from an ecological, ethological, morphological and evolutionary standpoint, as well as discrepancies between two species of fig tree (Ficus natalensis leprieuri and F. ottoniifolia) and their pollinators (respectively, Alfonsiella natalensis (identified as A. fimbriata) and Agaon camerunensis and A. Gabonensis (since classified in the Courtella genus).
This documentary has received two international awards, and has been broadcast on television in France (Antenne 2 and Canal +) and Morocco, and screened in universities in 33 countries.

Fully Optimised and Reliable Emissions Tool - FOREST

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Dry season flyover in Eastern Cameroon

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