Web-Based Platforms


OpenAmapthèque is an integrated library management system (SIGB).

The OpenAmapthèque platform is built on a web-based architecture which uses PHP/MySQL technology.

The main functionalities of OpenAmapthèque are:

  • Catalogue administration
  • Authority administration (authors, subjects, etc.)
  • Lending and reader management
  • All software options can be parameterised
  • Entries can be imported and exported in EndNote
  • Administration of periodicals: daily entering up of parts of periodicals
  • Administration of acquisitions
  • Streamlined administration easily usable by library staff
  • Management of an individual account

In addition to the usual functions of an integrated library management system (cataloguing, management of document circulation, budget management and OPAC), the OpenAmapthèque system offers added value when compared with other systems such as Koha and Pmb:
  • Comprehensive administration of the internal publications of a research laboratory or unit, incorporating all types of scientific document
  • Entries can be imported and exported in EndNote
  • Individual reader accounts: access to loans, virtual bookshelf management, individual research profiles, setup of notifications, etc.
  • Streamlined administration makes the software easily usable by library staff
  • Smooth integration of internal publications to other Internet/Intranet portals

This platform is also under a free, open GPL licence.


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