MAIA cross-cutting team – Applied Mathematics and Applied Informatics

Researchers, engineers and technicians that form MAIA cross-cutting team also contribute to the researches conducted in all other research axes of the Lab. MAIA allow them to give a better visibility to their contributions in the domain of applied mathematics and applied informatics. These contributions are all rooted in collaborations with agronomists and ecologists either within AMAP or in external partnerships.

MAIA conducts research activities in (i) the development of mathematical and numerical tools and methods, (ii) the sharing of concepts, formalisms and mathematical technics, even methodologies, used in applied domains (agronomy, forestry, ecology, evolution...), (iii) the cross-cutting dialogue and interactions between AMAP thematic research on plants and external partners, based on the genericity of the tools and technics developed, (iv) the sharing of skills in informatics, software and computer code developments, in a collaborative open-source framework.