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Morphology and architecture of
Cedrus libani A. Rich.

Young tree and polycyclism

On young Cedar trees, annual shoots may be edified during one One tree flush of growth, two Two tree flush of growth or more rarely tree flushes of growth Three tree flush of growth which are normally separated by intra-annual stops or slowing down of growth (Markers of inter-annual stop of growth Markers of intra-annual stop of growth). The annual shoots are composed of one, two or three growth units and thus nammed mono-, bi or tricyclic. In some cases, only lateral sub-apical buds may develop during the second or third flush of growth Lateral sub-apical bud development.

In Cedrus atlantica, the polycyclism phenomenon is rare and expresses in certain growth conditions. In Cedrus libani, the polycyclism rate is higher. The polycyclism is frequent in individuals of Lebanese provenances and involve a modification of branching pattern. Each growth unit may bear a pseudowhorl of dominant branches Polycyclism. By this phenomenon, the branching presents a more dense aspect Branching aspect.

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